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Legal Studies Professors Speak Out

Read the statement that Legal Studies professors issued regarding President Trump's Executive Order banning nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

New standalone major option starts Fall 2016

Review the differences between the Adjunct Major and the new Standalone Major

New minor requirements begin Fall 2016

Review the changes to the Minor starting next Fall

Engaging themes of race, capitalism, and globalization in the 19th century, Professor Dael Norwood of Binghamton University will explore the origins of the U.S.’s complicated relationship with China as both a partner and as a competitor.
This year's Law in Motion theme is "The Past, Present and Future of American Elections". University of California, Irving, Professor Richard Hasen will discuss "Race or Party, Party as Race, or Party All the Time: Three Uneasy Approaches to Conjoined Polarization in Redistricting and Voting Cases.",-present,-and-future-of-american-elections.html
Watch the video for his talk "The Latino Community and Its Role in the Second Half Century of the Civil Rights Era".