Joanna Grisinger Associate Professor of Instruction | Director of Undergraduate Studies

Joanna Grisinger (J.D., University of Chicago; Ph.D. in History, University of Chicago) works in twentieth-century U.S. legal and political history, with a focus on the modern administrative state. Her first book, The Unwieldy American State: Administrative Politics since the New Deal (Cambridge University Press, 2012), offers a political history of administrative law reform. Other publications include “Law in Action: The Attorney General’s Committee on Administrative Procedure,” Journal of Policy History (2008); “Law and the Administrative State” in the Blackwell Companion to American Legal History; and “The Administrative Procedure Act and the Hearing Examiners,” Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary (2014).  She currently sits on the board of the Consortium for Undergraduate Law and Justice Programs.

Prof. Grisinger is currently working on a project that examines the relationship between administrative agencies and the civil rights movement.

Courses Taught

  • Legal_St 101: Freshman Seminar: Law & the Civil Rights Movement
  • Legal_St/Hist 318-1,2: Legal and Constitutional History of the United States – to 1850/since 1850
  • Legal_St/Poli_Sci 332/333: Constitutional Law I & II
  • Legal_St 340: Gender and the Law
  • Legal_St 376: Legal History of the Colonies and Constitution 
  • Legal_St 398-1,2: Advanced Research Seminar