Elective Courses

2014-15 Electives


Fall 2014


Department Course# Course Title Distribution
AF AM 215 Intro to Black Social & Political Life Law & Inequality
AF AM 212-2 Intro to African American History, Pre-Civil War (Also HISTORY 212-2) Law & Inequality
COMM ST 205 Theories of Persuasion Argument & Comm
ECON 250 Business and Government Inst/Org/Econ
ECON 337 Economics of State & Local Governments Inst/Org/Econ
ECON 339 Labor Economics Inst/Org/Econ
ECON 350 Monopoly, Competition, and Development Global/Comparative
ECON 323-2 Economic History of the US 1865 to Present Inst/Org/Econ
ENVR POL 390 U.S. Environmental Law and Policy Inst/Org/Econ
GEN CMN 101 Interpersonal Communication Argument & Comm
GEN CMN 104 Argumentation and Debate Argument & Comm
GNDR ST 331 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality Law & Inequality
GNDR ST 390 Psychology of Gender Law & Inequality
HISTORY 337 History of Modern Europe Global/Comparative
HISTORY 201-1 Euro Civ Inst/Org/Econ
HISTORY 212-2 African American History (Also AF AM 212-2) Law & Inequality
HISTORY 250-2 Global History II Global/Comparative
HISTORY 300-22 The Culture Wars Law & Inequality
HISTORY 322-1 History of the Modern American City: to 1870 Inst/Org/Econ
HISTORY 381-1 History of Modern China:1911 to Present Global/Comparative
HISTORY 385-1 History of Modern India: Early Modern Period, ca. 1500-1800 Global/Comparative
HISTORY 392-30 Arabs in a Jewish State Global/Comp; Law & Inequality
JOUR 350 Press, Pentagon and the Public Inst/Org/Econ
JOUR 370 Media Law and Ethics Inst/Org/Econ
LEGAL ST 206 Law & Society Law & Inequality; Inst/Org/Econ
LEGAL ST 376-21 Ratifying the Constitution Theory & Philosophy
LEGAL ST 376-22 Islam & Contemporary Constitutional Development in North Africa (Also MENA 390-3-20, POLI SCI 390-0-21) Global/Comparative
LEGAL ST 398-1 Advanced Research Seminar Majors Only
MENA 390-3-20 Islam & Contemporary Constitutional Development in North Africa (Also LEGAL ST 376-0-23, POLI SCI 390-0-21) Global/Comparative
PHIL 150 Elementary Logic Argument & Comm
PHIL 261 Introduction to Political Philosophy Theory & Philosophy
PHIL 269 Bioethics Theory & Philosophy
PHIL 364 Business Ethics Theory & Philosophy
POLI SCI 201 Intro to Political Theory (also known as History of Political Thought) Theory & Philosophy
POLI SCI 220 American Goverment and Politics Inst/Org/Econ
POLI SCI 221 Urban Politics Inst/Org/Econ
POLI SCI 240 Intro to International Relations Global/Comparative
POLI SCI 250 Intro to Comparative Politics Global/Comparative
POLI SCI 307 Deportation Law and Politics Law & Inequality
POLI SCI 345 National Security Inst/Org/Econ
POLI SCI 390-21 Islam & Contemporary Constitutional Development in North Africa (Also LEGAL ST 376-0-23, MENA 390-3-20) Global/Comparative
PSYCH 339 Psychology of Gender Law & Inequality
SOC POL 201 Introduction to Social Policy Law & Inequality
SOC POL 310 Legal Aspects of Education Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 110 Intro to Sociology Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 202 Social Problems Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 206 Law & Society (co-listed with LEGAL_ST 206) Law & Inequality; Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 302 Sociology of Organizations Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 308 Crime, Politics, and Society Inst/Org/Econ
SOCIOL 356 Sociology of Gender Inst/Org/Econ
STAT 202 Introduction to Statistics Inst/Org/Econ
STAT 210 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences Inst/Org/Econ



September 22, 2014