General Information Regarding Study Abroad

Northwestern University Registrar’s Office does not grant any kind of credit for courses taken abroad in subjects that we do not teach here at the undergraduate level. Unlike many foreign institutions, American universities, with Northwestern included, do not offer an undergraduate law degree. Therefore, if you wish to receive credit toward your Northwestern degree, please make sure that the courses are taught at the level of Northwestern’s law-related courses, cover similar types of materials, and utilize similar tools.

We suggest the following programs that will probably be considered credit-worthy by Northwestern, as well as applicable for LS elective credit:

  1. Institute d’Etudes Politique de Paris (Sciences Po), France
    Sponsored by Northwestern Exchange, FWQ, WSQ, FY
  2. China: Political and Economic Development (Beijing), China
    Sponsored by Northwestern, Summer

Important Steps:

  • Meet with the Legal Studies Program Assistant to review courses that may be good Legal Studies electives before you go abroad. Final course approval cannot be given at this time. Instead, this meeting will serve to help students search for courses with legal content. This initial meeting is not optional-you must meet with either the Program Assistant or the Program Director before you go abroad in order to receive Legal Studies credit.
  • Northwestern University credit for courses taught abroad is never guaranteed. Final course approval will be given after you return from abroad upon review of coursework and an official foreign study transcript.
  • Bring back as many of your course materials as possible, regardless of what kind of credit you are seeking for your courses. If the Registrar’s Office has doubts regarding the creditworthiness of a course, then you may ask a faculty member in the appropriate field to review your course materials.
  • To fulfill the LS major or minor requirement, all foreign courses with legal content are to be reviewed and approved by the LS Program Director. Please meet with the Program Assistant or the Program Director when you return and bring your official abroad transcript.

Upcoming Events

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Legal Studies Meet & Greet for Students interested in the Adjunct Major
February 23, 20154:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

For general inquiries:

Prof. Laura Beth Nielsen
Program Director
620 Lincoln #204
Winter Office Hours: 
Tuesdays 9am - 12pm

Prof. Joanna Grisinger

Director of Undergraduate Studies
620 Lincoln #201
Winter Office Hours:
Tuesdays 12pm - 2pm

Ann Kelchner

Program Assistant
620 Lincoln #206
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM


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