Affiliated Faculty

The Center for Legal Studies is composed of a strong list of Faculty Affiliates - members of the academic community whose teaching and research contribute to Legal Studies at Northwestern.

The Center for Legal Studies is administered by a Faculty Advisory Board composed of faculty from the School of Law, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the American Bar Foundation. The Faculty Advisory Board also monitors the Center's academic activities.

Karen Alter | Faculty Affiliate

Karen Alter

Leigh Bienen | Faculty Advisory Board

Traci Burch | Faculty Advisory Board

Traci Burch

Bruce Carruthers | Faculty Affiliate

David Dana | Faculty Affiliate

David Dana

Shari Seidman Diamond | Faculty Advisory Board

Caitlin Fitz | Faculty Advisory Board

Caitlin Fitz

John Hagan | Faculty Affiliate

John Hagan

Steven Harper | Adjunct Faculty

Steven Harper

Carol Heimer | Faculty Affiliate

Carol Heimer

Katherine Hoffman | Faculty Advisory Board

Katherine Hoffman

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd | Faculty Affiliate

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Ian Hurd | Faculty Advisory Board

Ian Hurd

Seth Meyer | Adjunct Faculty

Seth Meyer

Quinn Mulroy | Faculty Advisory Board

Quinn Mulroy

Shaundra Myers | Faculty Advisory Board

Janice Nadler | Faculty Affiliate

Janice Nadler

Robert Nelson | Faculty Advisory Board

Robert Nelson

Len Rubinowitz | Faculty Affiliate

William Schiller | Adjunct Faculty

William Schiller

Wes Skogan | Faculty Affiliate

Wes Skogan

Jacqueline Stevens | Faculty Affiliate

Jacqueline Stevens

Helen Tilley | Faculty Affiliate

Rob Warden | Faculty Affiliate

Rob Warden

Ivy Wilson | Faculty Advisory Board

Barry Wimpfheimer | Faculty Affiliate

Barry Wimpfheimer