How to Apply

The Legal Studies major is open to undergraduates in all schools, but because demand for the required Advanced Research Seminar often exceeds the enrollment limits, admission to the major is by application only. (Note: Students who entered the University prior to Fall 2016 are eligible to apply for either the major or adjunct major - the application requirements are the same for both.)

Applications are now closed! Please check back in Winter 2019.


Applications for the Legal Studies major and adjunct major are available early in Winter quarter each academic year. To be notified when applications are available, subscribe to our listserv by sending a request to, or like us on Facebook to receive announcements.

Before applying to the program, students must complete or be in the process of completing LEGAL ST 206, "Law in Society" and at least one other "law related" course as approved by legal studies. Any class listed as a Legal Studies elective will meet the "law-related" course requirement. (Note: For students who entered the University prior to Fall 2014 and are pursing the adjunct major, 206 is very highly recommended, but not required. Instead you must have at least two "law related" electives to apply.) If you have questions about this requirement when you apply, please email us at

All majors and adjunct majors must plan to take the two-quarter Advanced Research Seminar sequence, LEGAL ST 398-1, LEGAL ST 398-2, in fall and winter of their junior or senior year.
Standalone majors must plan to take LEGAL ST 207, "Legal Studies Research Methods" after completing 206, and before beginning 398-1,2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application process entail?

We ask you to fill out a simple one-page form asking about your research interests and the law-related classes you’ve taken. We also ask you to write a one-page essay about a law-related topic.

Can I apply as a First Year?

Yes! So long as you satisfy the course requirements for the application, you may apply as a first-year student.

If I don’t get accepted, can I reapply the following year?

Yes! We encourage you to reapply.

I am studying abroad during fall quarter of my junior year. Can I still apply to the adjunct major/major?

Yes! You can apply to the adjunct major or major and defer enrollment in the Advanced Research Seminar until your senior year.

I have to complete my Junior Residency for Medill. Can I still apply to the adjunct major/major?

Yes! You just need to make sure that you will be on campus in consecutive Fall and Winter quarters in order to complete the Advanced Research Seminar courses in sequence.